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Im Schuljahr 2008/2009 war die Flying Theatre Company mit ihrer Fassung von "Romeo und Julia" für die Mittelstufe zu Gast in unserer Aula.


Dazu schrieben eine Schülerin und ein Schüler der 9. Klasse eine Zusammenfassung und einen Kommentar:

Romeo and Juliet – a comment by Katrin Promm

I really liked the play "Romeo & Juliet", shown by The Flying Theatre. It was quite funny, but sometimes really serious. To our surprise the female roles were acted by men (like it was in Shakespeare’s time). They chose only the most important scenes, so that it remained interesting.
There were lots of funny things, e.g. the actor who wanted to play “Hamlet” instead of "Romeo & Juliet". First he had one skull named "Eric". By and by two more skulls appeared: Eric’s brother "Derick" and their cousin "Jorik". The two other actors wanted to play "Romeo & Juliet", so they started to hunt the "Hamlet" actor.

The play included the spectators, e.g. Friar Laurence spattered us with water. The actors also talked to us and wanted us to play with them. Patrick had to solace Juliet; the actor playing Juliet sat down on Patrick’s lap and cried, because Romeo was banished from Verona. They looked quite nice together, but unfortunately "Juliet" lives in Britain. *laugh*

Our whole class really enjoyed the play and we hope to see another one soon.


Romeo & Juliet-Balcony Scene

 Very interested audience   


Romeo and Juliet - An Overview of the Flying Theatre Company’s Play we watched at school by Heiko Waßmuth

The play "Romeo and Juliet" begins in the city of Verona.

One of the artists begins with a small music play; he plays a small trumpet, then the story starts. Two men meet in a street, one is a Capulet and the other one is a Montague. These are two families, who hate each other. The men start to put each other down until they fight. Then suddenly a noble man comes and sees these two men fighting. He says that the two men should come with him, so they do.

The Capulets make a Mask party. Her father says that Juliet Capulet must marry Paris, but she does not love him. Romeo goes secretly to the mask party, there he meets Juliet. They fall in love, but they know that they cannot love each other. 

After that night Romeo must see Juliet again, so he walks secretly into Juliet’s garden. Juliet adores Romeo. Romeo hides behind a flower, suddenly the flower goes down and Juliet sees Romeo. But she is not angry; she begins to flirt with Romeo. Then her mother calls her to come, so she goes. 

Juliet gets a letter by an owl. In this letter Romeo asks Juliet to marry him. Juliet says yes. A friar weds Romeo and Juliet. After this marriage they have a big party. At first Juliet and the friar play a small guitar, and Romeo plays a drum. Then the friar lays the guitar on the floor and juggles with balls, bottles and big knives. Last but not least he puts a long knife on a short one and puts the short one in his mouth and balances the long knife without his hands. The artists go behind the stage. 

Romeo meets Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, Romeo and Tybalt begin to fight and Romeo kills Tybalt.

One of the artists comes back. He likes "Hamlet" very much. The artist tells us something about "Hamlet", but his companions don’t want him to tell anything about "Hamlet", so they hunt him. When they get him, they go on with "Romeo and Juliet". 

A nurse tells Juliet that her husband killed her cousin and that Romeo is banished from Verona. Juliet’s mum wants her to marry Paris but Juliet doesn’t want to marry Paris. 

The friar gives her a sleeping draught. She drinks it and sleeps. All people think she is dead. Romeo gets a letter to his new home "Mantua"; the letter says that Juliet is dead. Accidentally a man comes across and asks Romeo to buy poison, Romeo is so unhappy that he buys a bottle of poison. He goes back to Verona to see his Juliet a last time. Romeo sees her lying lifeless on a table. He kisses his wife a last time and than he drinks the poison. A few minutes after that Juliet wakes up and sees her husband lying dead on the floor. Then she looks for a weapon to kill herself, and she finds a knife. She stabs the knife into her heart and dies. 

So Romeo and Juliet kill themselves because of love to each other. 

That’s the end of this Story.

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